Updates on Ukraine


Krzysztof P., Staff Writer

This article will be about the recent events in Ukraine but on a more broad view. First, Belgium is doing a huge donation of $97.5 million in military aid which is the largest donation of military aid that they have given to Ukraine so far which will include anti-aircraft missiles, anti-tank missiles, grenades and munitions. The package also includes $93.3 million in civilian aid, more specifically, $74.9 million towards humanitarian aid, $11.5 million for the reconstruction. On the topic of military aid, some Ukrainian tank operators are being sent to nearby European nations like Germany to attend proper tank training so that the Ukrainian military can use the new and modern tanks to their fullest advantage against the invading Russian forces. Recently also, a Senior official in the European Union has advocated for the creation of a free Russian radio so that independent Russian journalists can report without being restricted by the Kremlin, the idea is not really to make a whole new radio or news station but instead to amplify the voices of the journalists who fled Russia in order to not need to worry for their life or imprisonment which is something the Russian police has been doing more and more often as of recent times as by the directions from the Kremlin. Next, the  Latvian ambassador is being kicked out of Russia by the orders from Moscow, this is because earlier this week, Latvia expelled Russia’s ambassador in Riga, citing solidarity with Estonia. This later led Russia to accuse and blame Latvia for its deterioration with its relations to Estonia. In recent news also, satellite images show that the terrorist Wagner groups cemeteries are expanding especially as a result of the still ongoing fighting at Soledar and in the area of it which has become a stalemate. As a final statement, Russia has also accused Washington and the “west” of demonizing the Wagner group even though that group has been already marked as a terrorist organization by many countries in NATO and the EU because of its odd military status and brutal ways of fighting and treating civilians.