An Odd Bright Glow and NATO Update

Krzysztof P., Staff Writer

On April 19th, 2023, a bright glow was seen over Kyiv around 10 pm. Sergiy Popko, the head of Kyiv’s military administration, said that an air raid alert was instantly activated. Despite that, the air defense was not in operation. Not long after the flash, the Ukrainian air force reported that it was related to the falling of something along the lines of a  satellite or meteorite. A Nasa spokesperson however denied this, saying that the satellite in question was apparently still in orbit at the time. It has yet not been confirmed as to what really happened, all that is known is that an object fell from the sky and was very bright. 

Other news connected to recent events in Ukraine include the delivery of the Patriot air defense system which was confirmed by the defense minister Oleksii Reznikov. Lloyd Austin, the US defense secretary, said that during a visit to Sweden, the US announced that it is looking to welcome Sweden as a future NATO member. He also said that the US would try to encourage Turkey and Hungary to accept the NATO membership of Sweden. The US  involvement, in that case, is happening because of the recent minor turbulence between Sweden and Hungary as well as Sweden and Turkey, this is because Sweden criticized both of those nations’ governments for not being democratic enough in a way, which neither of the two countries took kindly. Like Finland, Sweden applied to join NATO in May of last year, mainly and most importantly because of how violent and militaristic Russia has recently become because of the war in Ukraine. Russia has also attempted a scare campaign to scare Finland and Sweden away from NATO, but the two nations do not fall for such threats especially now that Finland is in NATO and Sweden is in the process of joining. Finland’s application was processed in a quick time and it became the 31st member of the alliance earlier this month.