A History of Metal Music

A History of Metal Music

Connor W., Staff Writer

Chapter 1: An Origin Of Rock ‘n’ Roll (mid 50’s)

The beginning of “Rock ‘N’ Roll” actually found much of its inspiration from jazz and blues.  Jazz originated from African-American communities, coming from gospel music, a form of preaching the belief of Jesus Christ and other christian beliefs.  This is specifically about “black gospel,” or rather Urban Gospel.  Jazz can be described as swing-y, containing complex chords, call and response vocals and improvising not uncommon in different bands and artists.  Jazz began in the late 19th century, and had a specific high point in the 1920’s as interest began to peak.  

Now, many of us know rock ‘n’ roll, or simply rock.  Starting in the mid 50’s, it rose to popularity after being largely faced with negative reaction by mainstream music culture before becoming a large staple in music.  Rock came from country music and gospel, picking up the interest in guitars being the lead instrument rather than brass instruments.  Rock did eventually lose its brass lead instruments in most music.  In most rock music there’s a lead guitar, along with an electric bass guitar and the occasional melody guitar.  These soon became staples in rock artists and bands, and became the normal setup, along with a drummer, singer and any other instrument they might include.  

Many are credited to inventing rock, such as Chuck Berry and Jackie Brenston.  It’s said that Alen Freed popularized rock by promoting it on mainstream radio, popularizing the term “rock and roll” and spreading the genre of rock throughout America.