UNI Sports: Hitting into Volleyball

An interview with our boys volleyball outside hitter, 17 year old Ken Manigbas.


How did you hear about the volleyball program? Was it a fellow student? 

My friend Kenny told me he was trying out and I went with him. I had no idea how to play the sport but it was something new so I just went with it and made the team.


Have you played volleyball before you came to uni?

No when I tried out in freshman year was the first time I had ever played


What makes volleyball different from any of the other sports you play?

The energy of the team is different with volleyball, and it really feels like a family. The people there will support you every time, even if you make a mistake. The volleyball team will never bring you down. 


How has volleyball changed your life socially?

I’ve found lifelong friends with my teammates. I also have to give up a lot of free time for practices, games, and tournaments. Although, after practices or tournaments or games, my teammates and I always find time to hang out and bond as a team to gain that chemistry. 


What’s a pre game ritual you do before every game? OR how do you get yourself to relax before every game?

Before a game I always eat a few bites of candy like sour patch watermelon. This helps me get energized so that when it is time to play, I’m fired up. 


How far do you wish to go with Volleyball? Do you think you’ll play in college? 

Volleyball wasn’t my first sport but if ever in college I get offered to play volleyball, I won’t hesitate to play a sport that I love.


Who has influenced you the most when it comes to volleyball? 

My teammates influenced me the most since the team is very competitive between us. We all want to be the best one there is and we are willing to compete for that title.  


What makes volleyball fun for you? 

Being surrounded by fun and hardworking people everyday. Not only that but also the competition in other schools gives me a drive to become better. Also, the competition between us teammates makes it really fun as we are all trying to race for one thing. 


What are the most challenging parts of volleyball and why?

I think the most challenging parts are trying to stay positive when things aren’t going well and being supportive when others are making mistakes. When people make mistakes you go to get mad at them but then that would just bring their morale down, so it’s very challenging when me or my teammates make mistakes.


What do you expect to come out of this following season? 

This season I expect the team and I to win many games and win back to back city championships for Uni. I also want us to have fun as many of us will be going to college very soon and this may be the last time we will ever play volleyball at a high level.