Superbowl LVII


William M., Staff Writer

On Sunday, February 12th, Superbowl 57 finally took place. Excitement and anticipation for the game was high, especially after last year’s game. The Kansas City Chiefs returned to the Super Bowl, with star Quarterback Patrick Mahomes looking for a second title. The Philadelphia Eagles finally returned to the Superbowl after 6 years, with hopes of a fifth Super Bowl victory.

The Half-Time show was very much anticipated, with Rihanna finally performing for the break between the second and third quarter. With intricate suspended platforms, and bright lighting, it was as flashy as any Half-Time show should be. Rihanna herself, was also in top shape, and to the surprise of many, performed while she was pregnant, which is incredible when one thinks of it. While maybe not as collaborative as last year’s half-time show, it was stunning nonetheless, and all focus was on Rihanna herself.

After the show, we entered the third quarter. With Mahomes suffering from an ankle injury, and the Eagles making play after play, it seemed like they were the ones favored to win, as both were tied. But a controversial handling call from the referee gave the ball back to the Chiefs, giving them an opportunity for a three-point field goal, giving them the victory during the end of the 4th quarter. Final Score: 38 (Chiefs) 35 (Eagles)