Music: Take Your Pick

Music: Take Your Pick

Shani P., Staff Writer

Music is the universal counselor and companion. It comes in too many genres and subgenres to count, and that’s part of its beauty. Its extensiveness sometimes makes it seem like the lyrics were made specifically to capture our current situation and may provide comfort or guidance as needed. Many adolescents consider themselves to be addicted to music. Whether we constantly expand our taste or stick to the same five songs. It shapes us as individuals. 

    When I interviewed Itzel Torres, a senior at University High School, she mentioned ‘ The Long Way Home’ by Norah Jones as her favorite song. Norah Jones is an American singer-songwriter known for her fusion of pop, jazz, and country music. This song, specifically, is peaceful. The consistent beat is perfect for tuning down after a long day. Although the lyrics may not always back it up, the sweet vocals and emphasis on heartwarming phrases add a comforting sensation when listening. 

     As for me, I aim for melancholic songs. I find beauty in an artist’s desires for the unattainable, their recall of precious memories, or their struggle to understand the transience of life. The perfect example is Journey’s unjustly underrated song  ‘Why Can’t this night go on forever?” from the Raised on Radio album. This American rock band is one of my top choices, but I hold this song on its own pedestal. When I first came across it, I could not help but tear up and notice how much every line resonated with me. The desperation and sorrow but underlying hope made me cherish this song further. 

    However, Journey’s pensiveness and Norah Jone’s comfort are not what everyone seeks when they push play, but that’s not a problem. For every feeling, there is most likely a song and the possibility of creating new material. Music will continue to add vibrancy to our day-to-day life and validate our emotions.