A Source of Inspiration Pt. 2

A Source of Inspiration Pt. 2

Shani P., Staff Writer

Influential Quotes:

      People depend on their own wisdom or that of others, throughout their lives, to understand what choices to make, and how to solve/avoid conflicts. A simple yet groundbreaking way to acquire this knowledge is through quotes that may belong to themes of life, love, nature, friendship, or even solitude. Quotes may come from influential people throughout history or even from anonymous sources, the gist of which inspires them to move forward, challenge their fears, go about life on the correct path, or even make their lives last forever:

“Sometimes I feel like if you just watch things, just sit still and let the world exist in front of you – sometimes I swear that just for a second time freezes and the world pauses in its tilt. Just for a second. And if you somehow found a way to live in that second, then you would live forever.”

-Lauren Oliver, Pandemonium

     Such a simple quote from what some may consider a silly dystopian novel may genuinely impact lives. Wisdom and advice may be found anywhere, anytime; in a mother´s argument, in a book, or online, to name a few. People’s malleability of words has enlightened society throughout the ages, for all they choose to do, there is most likely a role model. 

    Teenagers, specifically,  may feel the need to shut the world out whenever confrontation or conflict comes their way, but fail to realize these are the vital and most simple times of their lives, even if it may seem otherwise. It is their duty to cherish every bit. Of course, they may feel the need to stay on top of life itself, updating, and striving for their goals however small or grand they may be. They sometimes fight so hard that they forget they are alive, especially with college and adult life on the horizon. Now they may sneak a few minutes between tasks which can be used to slow down, take a breath, and consider their existence or life will slip away without their minds even processing that information. For as fast as it may seem in times of excitement, time is steady, the same seconds fit into a minute, always sixty, but holding on to every one may create the illusion of a longer life. A life they are at least aware of and actively living in. 

    On a personal level, this quote influenced the hobbies I engage in into more reflective ones. Of course, some students are more athletic but reflection may come anywhere. Life is full of stress and at whatever moment we may be granted free time, let’s not employ it stressing over the future or the past but living the moment, checking to see if the sky has changed colors or the squirrel it´s daily course. If we live thinking every day is like the next, we have lost the point, but if we are capable of reading these words, then hope still exists. For age and the time we have left are not strictly correlated. Let us hold on to the now, onto the present, extending our lives as long as humanly possible for life moves forward, and it is no one else´s hands but our own. 

Patricio Guttierez, a senior at University High School deeply resonates with this quote:

“Life is like the surf, so give yourself away like the sea.” – Alfonso Cuarón

       ¨One of my favorite films of all time is Y tu Mama Tambien, directed by the iconic and legendary Mexican filmmaker Alfonso Cuaron. I identify heavily with Cuaron’s films because of the way that he depicts Mexican culture, landscapes, and people. Cuaron aims his lens at the mundane aspects of the Mexican way of life, focusing on a coming-of-age story that serves as a character study for various people. I admire that Cuaron shows a Mexico that isn’t usually depicted in Western media, without violence or horror – much more profound and introspective. This quote especially stood out to me because I am a firm believer in letting things happen as they come to you and then making the most out of them – this isn’t to say that you shouldn’t have a plan for your life – but things ultimately happen for a reason, and you should give yourself away to them and let the ever-flowing waves of life crash upon you.¨

        Both of these quotes open up profound perspectives for youth and lead to the augmentation of wisdom. Along the path of life, sources of inspiration become the foundation they build on to reach their full potential!