What are you doing after High School?

We asked seniors here at Uni what they planned on doing after graduation. Do they plan on going to college? What career paths do they want to pursue? Is there anything they look forward to after graduating? Here are some of the responses from seniors regarding their plans after high school.

Isabella A. is leaving Los Angeles, because she is committed to Cal State San Francisco. Her goal is to gain experience and work in fashion marketing . She states, “I’ve always seen companies’ sales and the way they choose to advertise those sales. I think to myself about how they try to reach out to their audience and try to include everyone for their needs, which I think is really interesting.”

Jeremiah M. had the option to choose between UCLA or UC Santa Barbara, but ultimately made the decision to commit to UCLA. He wants to major in the science of human movement, kinesiology, because he likes how it is related to basketball.  He also plans to play basketball at UCLA, as well.  

Alexandra R. had the opportunity to attend Sonoma State University or University of Denver, but in the end decided on UC Riverside to study business. She‘s studying business because she feels that numbers have always been easy for her and believes she has always had good people skills. “I’ve always been good at math and negotiating; plus, it’s a lifestyle I’ve always desired.”

Ozzie A. decided instead of attending a four year college, he wants to pursue a nursing career at Santa Monica Community College. He wants to earn an associate’s degree in nursing so that he can become a travel nurse, allowing him to achieve his goals of traveling and working in a high demand environment.

Sheree S. will be attending Loyola Marymount University. She wants to be a physical therapist with the dream of working at Children’s Hospital or Kaiser Permanente. She’s been working hard in her sports medicine class this year to help achieve that goal. 

After debating between UCLA and UC Irvine, Farrah C. made the decision to commit to UCLA to study cognitive science. When asked about her decisions, she stated, “I enjoy psychology and learning about the brain.” She still has yet to decide what she wants to do career wise.

This is a big step for seniors graduating this year. Deciding on a college and planning a career path is a long and arduous process. Filling out applications and the emotions following up is a process that seniors all go through. College is only the first step to these students entering the adult world, so we should wish the all luck in their future endeavors!