Teacher Appreciation Week – Ms. Jimenez

Guillermo M., Staff Writer

I love my Spanish teacher, Ms. Jimenez. She is funny and energetic and always brings joy to the classroom and makes learning fun for everyone. I think Ms. Jimenez makes me a lucky student because she helps me out when I struggle with putting sentences together, which other teachers wouldn’t take the time to actually help their students succeed in their class. Ms. Jimenez is very open when it comes to talking to her about anything, she is someone you can trust and confide in with something so personal going on in your life and will ensure it stays private. Ms. Jimenez makes projects and assignments fun to actually do and makes it where it’s not just a requirement but something enjoyable to complete. She sometimes lets the class listen to music while they work which is really sweet since a lot of teachers don’t allow music while students complete their assignments. With Ms. Jimenez actually caring about your grades and sitting down with you to see what can be improved I feel it makes her a wonderful teacher. She also ensures she goes over exactly how to complete the assignments which sets her apart from other teachers as other teachers just assign the work and hope the students complete it correctly to their liking. I believe if you can see what job is best for someone, Ms. Jimenez being a Spanish teacher definitely suits her. Ms. Jimenez truly deserves all the appreciation she gets, definitely one of my favorite teachers here at Uni.