Uni’s first Sign Language Club


 American Sign Language is something that is not traditionally taught in public schools, but it is something that greatly affects many people around the world. 

Being hard of hearing or deaf is often seen as a disability, but does it have to be so difficult? 

At University High school Charter, Miriam L. Hernandez is trying to make a difference. She has founded the ASL club which meets every Thursday outside or in Ms. Lenhams room. 

The ASL club is somewhere where everybody can come together and be a community. So what would you be learning at their club?

Well according to Miriam, “ We’ll be able to sign basic things such as saying hello or goodbye, it’s more like an introduction to sign language more than anything”. During every meeting, only a couple of signs are taught.

The new signs taught are posted onto their Instagram, so it is available for everyone to see. In this community, everyone is welcome to come and learn new ways to communicate with the people around you. 

The American Sign Language club is always welcoming new members. We hope to see you there!