What to Watch on Netflix so far in 2022


Briana Ambriz, Staff Writer

It’s the beginning of a new year, a fresh start! A new year means new things, so what’s new on Netflix? It’s only been a few months since the year started but there are already so many new good series to start.

Ever spend a night of what feels like endless scrolling on Netflix trying to find something new to watch? We’ve all been there. Netflix is a streaming service with thousands of series and movies to watch, but sometimes it can be hard finding anything you like. The start of the new year has already brought us some binge-worthy content with a few things I personally enjoyed a lot. Here’s my list of things Netflix has come out with that I think are worth checking out.

All Of Us Are Dead, rated M (violence, language, blood)
Starting the year off strong is one of, if not my favorite series that’s been released so far. Based on its webtoon, the show is about a group of high school students trying to survive the zombie apocalypse that’s started in their school. It keeps you on the edge of your seat always wanting to know what happens next. Watching this show you start to form connections with the characters which makes the scenes much more intense. This show didn’t reach number 2 in the US top 10 today for nothing, this show is a must-see.

Home Team, rated PG
Next on the list is a sports comedy. A coach for the NFL goes to cheer on his son at his football game only to see that maybe his son’s team isn’t as good as he thought. After getting to know the kids on the team more and wanting to make a better connection with his son, he takes it upon himself to coach the team and try to get them to championships, but it isn’t easy. This movie is full of laughs and something you can enjoy with the family.

The House, rated M (language)
This is a movie that constantly has you thinking. This hour and a half film contain 3 mini-stories that all revolve around one house. It starts with a bit of a thriller, then things really start to take a turn and end in a place you’d never expect. With the characters’ odd behaviors and crazy plots, you never know what is going to happen in the next story. Did I mention that this is a stop-motion film? The sets made for this film are stunning and make watching this more enjoyable. This is a good film to watch on a lazy day when you have nothing to do. It really lets your imagination run wild.

The Silent Sea, rated M (language, violence, blood)
This is a binge-in-one-weekend kind of show. With 8 episodes, this show takes you with a team of astronauts on a mission, but what happens when they find out an important secret has been held from them and puts the entire mission at risk? The team has to work together and find a way out when something goes wrong in the space station that’s life-threatening. Watching this, you’ll wonder what will happen to the team and if they can even complete the original mission. Although this show technically came out the last couple of days before the end of 2021, I believe it deserves more attention this year because it is a very enjoyable show I believe people can get ecstatic about.

Rise of the Guardians, rated PG
Now, this is a movie I’m sure everyone knows about. This is just me making an announcement that it is now on Netflix as of the beginning of 2022. This year marks its 10th anniversary! A fun film about the people behind the holidays, like Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny, and how they work with Jack Frost to defend the innocent beliefs of kids. This is a movie you can watch with your family and enjoy over and over again.

There are some promising things Netflix has to offer in these first 2 months of 2022 and it’s barely the beginning. There will be much more content coming throughout the year and even a few I have my eyes on. I hope you found something new after reading this and enjoy binging.