Combating Life One Punch at a Time

Combating Life One Punch at a Time

Anish B., Editor-in-Chief

Life is like a boxing match, where defeat is declared not when you fall but when you refuse to stand again”- Muhamed Ali.


688 BCE, the first formal Olympic-sanctioned boxing match occurred during the twenty-third Olympiad. Thousands of years later, boxing along with various other combat sports are taught on a global scale, with the best fighters becoming world-renowned figures. When many adults first think of combat-related sports, they grow discontent, relating the term “combat” to “violent” and “barbaric”. However, many refuse to see the positive effects these sports have on an individual, mentally and physically. 

Combat sports and martial arts are not usually a person’s first option when considering health-related training. However, a study by the National Library of Medicine showed people partaking in combat sports had a higher level of healthy behaviors (compared to athletes in other disciplines). In the same study, participants of these so-called “high-risk” combat disciplines were injured less frequently compared to practitioners of volleyball, football, and gymnastics. This study alone shows why combat sports should not be feared due to physicality because like most sports there is always a risk of injury.

In terms of mental health, combat sports have shown to be majorly beneficial. They create a caveat for character development, discipline, personal confidence, and a safe output for anger. These sports teach people how to respond to both real-life situations, and maintain composure during demanding times. 

Current senior and Uni wrestling team captain Jullian Snively provides his personal insight stating, “Wrestling brings discipline through challenges, and accepting this garners success on and off the mat.” Snively placed sixth last year in the city of Los Angeles and hopes his dedication to both wrestling and academics will allow him to get a scholarship for university. 

Overall, like Snively, many Uni students participate in combat sports, in turn helping them achieve success in most aspects of their lives. Whether it be boxing, wrestling or any other endeavor I urge you to have an open mind because dealing with challenges allows for immense growth.