Why Amy March is My Favorite March Sister

Why Amy March is My Favorite March Sister

Megan T., Staff Writer

A few years ago, I watched the 2019 adaptation of the novel Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. I absolutely loved the film and thought the actors and director did phenomenal jobs. After watching and falling in love with the film, I went and did as much research about the film and the story as I could. During my research, I found out that many people actually don’t like Amy March, one of the four March sisters (aka Little Women) that star in the film. They say she’s spoiled, petty, a brat has a bad temper, and so on. 

The people that say these things are not wrong. Amy, especially at the beginning of the film when she’s 12 years old, does act like a brat. She expects to always get what she wants and enacts terrible revenge when she does not. For example, she burned her sister Jo’s novel, which she’d been working on forever because she wasn’t allowed to go to a party with her. In the book, all the girls plan to give their mother gifts for Christmas; however, Amy was the only one that did not want to get her mother a gift. Young Amy was portrayed as self-centered and a bit greedy. She had the persona of an annoying little sister.

As she ages, Amy becomes very mature and makes up for her childhood faults. She becomes the most practical sister and understands the concept of marrying rich in order to have a stable and secure future. Amy later goes on to marry Laurie, March’s wealthy neighbor and the heartthrob of the novel, and truly gets the best ending out of all the sisters. She no longer displays the spoiled bratty attitude that she had as a child, gets to marry a beautiful wealthy man, and continues what she’s interested in, which is art. Amy is a wonderful painter and gets to actually do that for a living because she’s financially stable. 

I think the main reason why I like Amy is that I actually really liked her personality from the beginning of the story to the end. Her brattiness at the beginning of the story is entertaining. The jealousy she feels and the revenge she plots are real things that people feel and do. Her ugly side is on full display so feels like a real person. She is also artistic, which I love, and as I mentioned earlier, she gets the best ending and gets to enjoy both being an artist and having money. I just loved Amy’s story arc and felt like if I had to be any March sister, I would definitely want to be Amy.