Teacher Appreciation Week – Mr. Corpuz

Jose A., Staff Writer

Mr. Corpuz is a math teacher who has made a big impact on me in my 9th and 11th grade years of University High School. Corpuz made me feel welcomed at school regardless of my nervous state of mind. He motivated me to learn with new people at this school, which allowed me to also gain connections with other students. Once, we did a new activity that allowed us to exchange numbers in order to have each other’s contact information. Little did he know he was also creating friendships that would last till the end of high school. Throughout 9th grade, I struggled in math class, and he helped me learn efficiently and spent time helping me understand my true potential. Regardless of his position as a teacher, he would say jokes that would absolutely have me gasping for laughter. He gave off a friendly vibe and I always wondered if we would’ve been good friends if he was my age.

During the pandemic, I believed I was going to struggle due to the lack of communication and interaction I had with my teachers. I was never the best at math so this was one of my biggest worries because of the communication gap I had with my math teachers. However, Mr. Corpuz allowed me to stay sometime after Zoom meetings for any questions or concerns. He also provided tutoring, which enhanced my math abilities. He stayed solid and helpful regardless of the times we were facing. He would often round my grade because he saw my hard work, which is what I loved about him.