Teacher Appreciation Week – Ms. Hwang (Bio)

Samuel B., Staff Writer

Ms.Hwang is an excellent teacher who is compassionate, helpful, and understanding of students’ needs. She has a great sense of humor and incorporates it into her lessons, making them much more interesting. As a former marine biologist, she has lots of experience in nature which benefits her teaching by tenfold. Also, she gives a manageable amount of homework which all her students can appreciate. For these reasons, I would definitely rate Ms.Hwang as one of my favorite teachers.

If I could describe Ms. Hwang’s class in 3 words it would be social, educational, and fun. Every day she always has an assignment that involves using creativity and customization while still being interesting and enriching. Group projects are frequent and allow you to express your creativity while simultaneously teaching classmates about an issue. Additionally, we do many Kahoots that help us memorize material. The top 5 winners of each Kahoot receive stickers or candy at the end, which I for one am a big fan of. If you do not believe me, an unnamed friend of mine has a sticker of a kitten on his laptop, which I received after winning a Kahoot in her class and gave to them.

One of my favorite memories in her class was when we did a group project for drug awareness. My group and I decided to make a video in one of our group members’ basement, which turned out not to be the best place to film if you want decent audio. The poor audio quality combined with the speakers resulted in the video being completely unintelligible, meaning the only thing the class could see was a group member slamming a tide pod canister (which represented a canister of drugs) down on the table and yelling at another one of our group members who looked very angry.