The Life of Foreigners in the United States of America


Ana Beatriz N. Herculano, Staff Writer

The life of foreigners in America (especially students) can be difficult. In today’s world, we have a variety of people in every country and continent. People who travel for work, with their family, for tourism, to have other experiences or to study. 

However, the adaptation to new countries is not always easy, depending on various factors including the personality of the visitor, adaptability, migratory status, type of opportunities, reception of the country in which they arrive, etc. All these factors can contribute a negative or positive effect on how the person adapts and faces a new environment that has new languages, customs, culture, foods, climates, and even physical characteristics. 

Dalila Martinez, a student that goes to University High School Charter says “Starting school was a little bit difficult…the language was the hardest part, but I made a lot of friends and none of them spoke English, all of them were learning so it got easier.” Dalila also adds that “I felt really welcomed, no one was rude to me.”

As a foreigner, I can say that from my experience and that of my family, language was and continues to be the biggest obstacle. Although, many people were very respectful and helped us a lot. The food, customs, culture, and climate are very different, but we are adapting and enjoying it.