World Cup Qualifications

Wendy Solis, Writer

What is the FIFA World Cup? It’s an international association football competition that happens every 4 years and takes place in different parts of the world. It was established in France in 1904 by a man named Robert Guerin, a Frenchman who was very active in the football association. But it only consisted of 7 national teams; Belgium, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland. The one who made FIFA the way it is now is Jules Rimet, he came up with the idea to stage the international tournament globally and has served 33 years as the 3rd President of FIFA. 


Dating back to 1930 to 2018, Brazil has been the most dominant in this competition by earning the title 5 times, and right behind them are Germany and Italy with 4 wins under them.  It will take place in Qatar this year starting in November, but before that the qualification competition starts.


In this phase, national teams are divided into groups in order to win matches against each other to earn points.  These competitions are sectioned off into 3 competitions: AFC, teams that reside in Asia, CONCACAF, teams that reside in North America, UEFA, teams that reside in Europe.


As of now, only 15 teams have been qualified including Qatar, Belgium, France, and South Korea. However, there are still 13 spots left for the 32 teams of the official World Cup competition. Those spots will go to teams from the CONCACAF champion league as the standing is Canada with 25 points, the USA with 21 points, and Mexico with 21 points.


With 3 games still needed to take place, it is most likely that these three teams will be qualified for the Qatar World Cup. With the way games have progressed, Canada has been winning almost every game they’ve had so far. 


USA and Mexico have also been dominating their games, but Mexico has been suffering losses or draws from previous games that in the end, they might only end with being in third place.  However, they still have a chance with their upcoming game against the USA to make a breakthrough with the rankings.