Diversity in LAUSD Schools


Isai Gomez, Staff Writer

Diversity in schools

Diversity is something that we are surrounded by, especially in the United States. Diversity in schools can be beneficial for everyone at school, even for teachers and staff to learn things from other people’s backgrounds that they would have never known.

Schools being diverse could prepare students for what the real world would be like having to work with many different people from different backgrounds and cultures. Schools being diverse would help many students become more creative and open to more ideas because of all the different exposure to different cultures and backgrounds. 

When working with people from various backgrounds in a classroom students may also get to see the world from different perspectives culture-wise.

It is more beneficial to have a more diverse group of people so you can learn from one another’s backgrounds. The Research-Jurisprudence Alliance in Higher Education says, “An alliance of the higher education jurisprudence on affirmative action and the higher education research on the educational benefits of diversity has strengthened colleges and universities’ commitment to racially diverse student bodies and educational settings in which students learn from each other across cultural boundaries.”