Women’s History Month

Womens History Month

Laila G., Staff Writer

March has many important dates, it holds the first day of spring, Saint Patrick’s Day, and of course Women’s history month.  This article is dedicated to the wonderful young woman here at Uni. 

First, female students here at Uni have made amazing accomplishments. Many have achieved advocacy for female menstruation products, run clubs, and are leaders in their classrooms. We as young women deserve a comfortable space and a voice.

Next, I’d like to thank and talk about female teachers. The female teachers here at Uni have been excellent. Many carry menstruation products for students. Others create a support system for their female students especially. Through their kindness, they show us what it means to be a woman. These teachers include Ms. Orr, Ms. Lopez, Ms. Monge, Ms.Perez, Ms. Hwang, and Ms. Caballero.

Many other women here at Uni have been great supporters and mentors. Uni has a rich history and one alumnus who stands out is Marylin Moore.  Monroe was born June 1, 1926  and died August 4, 1962). She was an American actress, model, and singer who attended Uni in 1942. She was an Advocate for the Civil rights movement and was a Feminist. She wasn’t afraid to speak up about what she believed. She adds on to the powerful women at Uni.

So this March appreciate the women in your life, let them know how important they are and the impact they can and do have on the world.