Fashion in the 70’s, 80’s and Now

Fashion in the 70’s, 80’s and Now

Chloe C., Staff Writer

“Fashion, to me, represents life. When I wear something that makes me feel more…creative, more interesting, stronger, complicated — that’s when I feel the most alive, the most engaged with the world.” – Amy Smilovic. 

This quote by Amy Smilovic, the founder of Tibi, a contemporary fashion brand, describes how most of us feel about fashion without really thinking about it. Throughout the years fashion has been changing, yet repeating and the repeated fashion is prominently seen from the 70’s, 80’s. The fashion from the 70’s and 80’s are always in trend and becoming even more popular today.

The 1970’s introduced many new ideas and fashion trends that were being created. Designs like the wrap dress and pant suits which were made popular by Yves Saint Laurent have left a mark on fashion history to this day. Other clothing, such as bell bottom jeans, patterns expressing vibrant colors, and maxi skirts were also highly in fashion. Psychedelic pants and flared pants were dominating the 70’s fashion all thanks to designers like Stephen Burrows, Ottavio Missoni, Roy Halston Frowick and so many more. Stephen Burrows created the color blocking style which consisted of vibrant colored disco garments for the New York dancing scene. Ottavio Missoni created knitwear clothing with bold zig zag wave patterns and bright colors expressed in everyday clothing even today. Halston was best known for almost every dress popular on dance floors. He created the free flowing, draped jersey dresses as well as lean trouser suits which made dancing easier, designed without the buttons or zippers.

The 1980’s was known as the boldest decade of fashion history. You were meant to be bold and loud with your outfits. Tommy Hilfiger, Christian Lacroix, Thierry Mugler and Norma Kamali were some famous fashion designers from the 80’s. Tommy Hilfiger introduced the simple American heritage inspired style. Thierry Mugler brought the flared skirts into the trends while Norma was creating a trend for workout clothes as an everyday look with leg warmers and leotards. A famous singer and songwriter, Cyndi Lauper, really influenced the 80’s fashion with her own twist. She would wear multiple bracelets on her arms, bright colored hair, dresses and skirts that were very retro. She combined punk rock with the 80’s into her fashion. The fashion during this time was very bold and bright, neon colors were very necessary for your outfit. People would wear loose oversized tops or very sequined dresses with accessories like chunky, eye-catching jewelry with bright colored nails. Huge hair used with hairspray and excessive perms were very popular.

 Fashion today is inspired by street style and a combination of the 70’s and 80’s. Baggy cargo pants and crop tops, flare jeans like in the 70’s, and varsity jackets and mini skirts like in the 80’s. Today’s style also involves the clothing from all the years of fashion history while still including new trends. Today, band t-shirts from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s are also very popular. Everywhere you look, teens are in baggy sweats and cargo pants and the world is noticing. During New York Fashion week, oversized everything was seen on multiple high fashion runways.

 “Fashion you can buy, but style you possess. The key to style is learning who you are, which takes years. It’s about self expression and, above all, attitude.” – Iris Apfel