Social Media on an Individual Level


Shani P., Staff Writer

     Although it may seem otherwise, the embodiment of social media into our culture and society occurred recently. Teenagers are engaged in online conversations, always delving for more information on pop culture and posting about their everyday lives.  As a teenager not involved in modern culture, it’s hard to comprehend what’s so intriguing or rewarding in dedicating so much time online. Although I may have social platforms like Instagram and TikTok, I hardly use them. Whenever I do, I spend it viewing personal interests which are certainly not shared or trending. They certainly do not aid my comprehension of future topics of conversation at my table or in class discussions. Almost daily, I confront a new term,  trend, or song everyone seems to understand while I sit there confused. This disconnection may have some advantages, but also clear disadvantages like missing jokes and feeling like an outcast. It is especially true when even teachers get the reference!

Seeking understanding, I interviewed Samuel Shadi, a junior at University High School, whom I queried about social media. He likes Snapchat because it’s, ¨an easy way to communicate and make new friends.¨ As the interview progressed, Samuel finally eased my doubts when he stated, ¨I benefit from Snapchat usage by having the opportunity to get to know my friends better. Besides, it is an alternative to regular messages.¨ When asked about the negative aspects, he replied, ¨I believe there are consequences 100%, the main ones being the time consumption and high chance of class distractions.” This interview made me realize that sending a Snapchat message is the equivalent of passing around a note and that teenagers use social media as a tool to stay connected and on top of trends. It is worthwhile for those interested in building connections and maximizing their adolescence. Although I fear mine ended before it even started, I sure hope I am not alone in this sentiment!