Black History Month


Laila G., Staff Writer

February was Black history month, and BSU really brought the celebration of the month to Uni. This week they did a spirit week; Tuesday was African Colors with students wearing black, yellow, red and green. They also had a fun karaoke activity in Stivelman theater. Wednesday was rock your cultural outfit day and they had a guest speaker come and talk to the black student body. Thursday was HBCU day where people represented your favorite HBCU, along with a double dutch contest for their activity. Lastly, Friday was Black Liberation where people wore any BSU gear or all black to take a yearbook picture.

Uni’s BSU has really broken Barriers by creating the FIRST black student union – designed and dedicated mural. They also won a $50,000 scholarship. They have created an open space for black students and have worked hard to improve spaces for black students at Uni. 

Uni itself has improved on trying to help Black students with the Black Student Achievement Plan (BSAP), a program introduced last year to help and uplift black students for their achievements. The college counselors office has even offered a trip for underclassmen to go to Altana to see HBCUs. We hope with these supports and changes that we can improve spaces for black students. Congrats on a successful year BSU and we hope to see more changes for a better Uni!